By partnering with our sister company Terra Spectrum Technologies (TST), CNUC can provide our customers with utility vegetation management (UVM) work management systems that are unmatched in detail and control. CNUC Consulting Utility Foresters (CUFs) use TST’s VMSuite® product PlannerVM® on a daily basis. In addition, the software integrates seamlessly with LiDAR outputs and technology.

PlannerVM captures rapid report data from the aerial line inspection, recording GPS coordinates and automatically feeding them into geographic information system (GIS) maps to mark problem vegetation. CNUC CUFs use the software to enter descriptive data, such as tree species and site access information. Using this information, CNUC creates comprehensive inventories of trees, properties and stakeholder information, which we use to complete workload assessments, hazard tree studies and field assessments.

Stakeholder approval can be documented inside of the application with an electronic signature. Each record is time stamped and assigned a unique job number for easy tracking and auditing. The records can be converted to work orders and GIS maps with GPS data for tree crews or an Access database or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as part of a TVMP. Finally, TST’s web interface provides access to the data as well as the ability to create customized reports.

With TST, we can simplify and streamline your daily processes, saving time, increasing accuracy and improving results.