Regulatory Reviews

CNUC can provide a full utility vegetation management (UVM) program review or a review of a specific contract, program structure, process or problem that our customer identifies, such as distribution activities related to costs and customer service or transmission activities related to FAC-003 compliance issues. The following is a general overview of a full program review, which can be tailored to meet your needs.

CNUC will look at your program from a global perspective, evaluating overall efficacy and adherence to best practice standards and regulatory requirements.

The purpose of a full program review is to develop and submit an objective and fact-based assessment of your overall vegetation management program. The assessment consists primarily of interviews, document evaluations, data analysis and onsite field assessments of existing practices. CNUC can also perform tree inventories and growth, workload assessments and species diversity studies. Additionally, CNUC will compare and contrast the program specific information accumulated during the assessment with peer data, industry standards, regulations and best practices.