CNUC can provide quality assurance and control over your utility vegetation management (UVM) program, staff and ultimately, results. How do you know that your vegetation management program is performing at the level you demand? The best way is to develop measurement tools that are statistically validated for accuracy. Our QA/QC services are typically based on the metrics and protocols established by the utility, but we can also develop metrics and protocols based on our industry intelligence data.

Our staff will systematically review pre-planner and contract crew efficacy, evaluating the quality of completed work, appropriateness of the prescription, and timeliness of the job. We will observe adherence to schedules, ANSI standards and customer feedback. We can provide both a quantitative and qualitative review of each aspect of your program with statistically valid field audits of scheduled and completed work, time sheet reviews, productivity analysis, contractor/ customer interviews and focus groups, and more.

A successful quality assurance and control program is a critical part of any vegetation management program. The continual improvement of a program can only be obtained by having the appropriate control and auditing measures in place. CNUC will work with you to every step of the way to assure that success.