Remote Sensing, LiDAR and Precision GIS Field Surveys

With the adoption of FAC-003, North American utility companies can no longer rely on traditional visual or aerial field inspections to determine clearances between transmission lines and vegetation. Now, accurate determination of potential line sag and sway must also be an integral part of inspections for vegetation clearances, and older methods don’t satisfy the new requirement.

Accurate determination of line sag and sway is not just a vegetation issue. In its October 2010 industry alert, NERC raised the bar for utilities in determining the full potential of conductor movement in relation to NESC clearances in the field.

Recognizing the need for new field inspection tools, CN Utility Consulting (CNUC) has partnered with the industry’s top LiDAR service providers to develop methods for applying LiDAR data and results to routine utility vegetation management (UVM) operations. With several successful projects completed, CNUC is prepared to offer the following LiDAR driven services to our utility customers:

  • Development of a long term, LiDAR-based approach to your transmission UVM program
  • LiDAR initiatives that address both vegetation and engineering challenges
  • Stress tests that couple FAC-003 compliance reviews with LiDAR sampling audits