Industry Intelligence

CNUC’s industry intelligence service is the largest and most comprehensive survey of utility vegetation management (UVM) in North America. It is a utility company’s best source for comparing its UVM program to those of its peers and serves the UVM industry as a whole by identifying trends, best practices, and research and development needs.

CNUC surveys a large, diverse sample of utilities, addressing all facets of their transmission and distribution programs. The results are published for participants’ internal use and also used to support program and budget validations, rate base arguments, and best practices for field application.

Our most recent study captured the opinions and data of utilities that collectively serve more than 60 million customers and manage 4 million square miles of utility lines. The publication, released in July 2010, also included a state-by-state compilation and assessment of legal and regulatory requirements.

If you would like to participate in our industry intelligence service, please contact us. New participants are welcome at any time. Our goal is to increase the depth and range of industry knowledge by continually augmenting our sample size and therefore the validity and accuracy of our data. Participants are welcome to join after surveys have commenced; reports updated with additional data can be released throughout the year as needed.

Please note that all survey participant opinions and data are kept confidential. We do, however, invite you to view a sample industry intelligence report.