Emergency Response

As much as forecasters try, there’s no predicting Mother Nature. Natural disasters strike, sometimes without fair warning, and utility companies are left with thousands of customers in their service area who are without power. Often times, there are more demands than your crews are able to respond to.

In cases just like this, CNUC is ready to mobilize when you need us through our Storm Team, a boots-on-the-ground emergency response team. The Storm Team is made up of our highest trained team members who are ready to assist you with scouting, dispatching, and overall field coordination in storm-affected areas. With personnel strategically located across the country, we’ll be able to mobilize rapidly to help restore power to customers quickly and efficiently.

With each catastrophic weather event, normal daily work functions intensify due to the breakdown of infrastructure. The CNUC Storm Team recognizes this and trains its members to be watchful for downed wires and all potential hazards that may occur during storm restoration events. Our Storm Team members undergo advanced training focused on electrical and environmental safety, hardware recognition, tree risk assessment, and storm preparation. As we continue to grow, safety remains a high priority.

Whether we’re integrated into your daily operations or consulted on an as-needed basis, we’ll be here with the tools and knowledge you need to restore power and peace of mind.