Compliance Reviews

More and more, utility companies across North America are being subjected to new legal and regulatory requirements directly related to utility vegetation management (UVM) activities. With each new requirement comes greater scrutiny and oversight by local, state, provincial, regional and federal regulators.

If you have any doubts regarding your compliance with UVM related regulations or laws, CNUC can provide you with a higher measure of certainty. We can provide support and guidance to help ensure compliance with a variety of services, including:

Compliance Reviews
A full review of all UVM activities related to compliance. See regulatory reviews and Remote Sensing, LiDAR and Precision GIS Field Surveys for further information.

Mock Audits
A full UVM mock audit in anticipation of an actual inspection.

Field Assessments
To identify actual, current conditions.

Audit Support
CNUC support before, during and after regulatory reviews of UVM activities.

TVMP Development or Review
CNUC can help ensure compliance with an upcoming audit, having successfully developed numerous TVMPs that passed regulatory review.

Compliance Training
Training for your team on how to comply with each and every regulatory requirement.