Field Facts

By Sarah Lilley, Contract Coordinator

When I first started as a CUF with CNUC three years ago, I did what I always do when I start a new job: I invited some coworkers to a pub trivia night. What better way to get to know your new peers than over pints, pondering and punny team names?

I was not surprised to see my results for the True Colors Personality Assessment, which we take as a company to improve our communication skills: dominant blue signaling that I’m empathetic, compassionate and cooperative, followed closely by green, signaling that I’m analytical, intuitive and visionary. At the end of last year, I moved into the role of contract coordinator, which takes advantage of these character traits.

The contract coordinator works to bring on new hires, apply and improve our training programs, conduct safety and proficiency audits, and fill in wherever needed across the spectrum of job duties. The staffing needs for our contract are expanding as stricter California regulations take effect and our utility responds with a more preventative UVM program. In addition, our inspection processes have been continuously changing with the introduction of a new data-collection software, necessitating trainings geared toward getting everyone up to speed. It’s been a busy couple of months!

Recently, word got out that I had been writing roll call quiz questions for our weekly safety call and I was invited to join the CNUC Safety Task Force. Made up of employees from across the country, the Safety Task Force is the source of the annual list of safety topics that are covered in our weekly safety calls. The task force also conducts the quarterly pre- and post-test quizzes. Recently, the Safety Task Force also shared the revised CNUC Safety Manual, which is a valuable resource for all of our employees.

While pub trivia nights have become rarer for me due to the addition of my baby, Fern, last year, my changing and expanding roles with CNUC have been a welcome challenge.