CNUC Promotes Sprinkle and Mathewson to Regional Supervisors

CNUC recently promoted Brian Sprinkle and Mike Mathewson as regional supervisors for the company. These changes went into effect February 1, 2018.

Sprinkle has been involved in the industry since 2009, and has worked for CNUC the past three years. In his most recent position as technical applications supervisor, he was responsible for small projects and program reviews. With this change, he now manages and supervises long-term contracts in the central and northeast regions.

Mathewson started with CNUC in Nevada as a consulting utility forester in 2015, bringing 12 years of industry experience to the company. He traveled across the country providing assistance on a variety of utility vegetation management-related projects. As regional supervisor, he will supervise long-term contracts in the southeast region.

Sprinkle and Mathewson have both been involved in a wide range of projects while working for CNUC, and they will be responsible for employee oversight and quality assurance and control.

“Their experience has given them the tools needed to succeed in this industry,” said Josh Beaver, vice president of CNUC. “As CNUC continues to grow, it’s imperative that we continue to focus on our clients and provide exceptional service. We believe that Mike and Brian will help us move forward on the path we’ve established.”

In addition to the position changes for Sprinkle and Mathewson, Mark Harwick, another regional supervisor at CNUC, will continue to supervisor the Midwest region for CNUC.