CNUC Employees Attend Chainsaw Safety Training with Wolf Tree

On July 12, Regional Supervisor Scot Carraway and CUFs Reid Ailey, Ian Quilliams, Michaela Schuyler, Austin Varnell and Johnny Yother attended a chainsaw safety training conducted by Wolf Tree. The CNUC team was thankful for Lead CUF Jason Benton who handled customer service requests for Electric Power Board so that the rest of the team could attend. The training was conducted by a Wolf Tree safety coordinator. Training topics included the parts of a chainsaw, proper personal protective equipment while operating a chainsaw, proper chainsaw starting techniques, and how to properly fell a tree with a chainsaw.

After going through the training, Scot Carraway said, “I learned a good amount of information. I did not know about how tree crew members should properly handle and operate a chainsaw, and I learned many good tips about how to operate a chainsaw safely myself at home.”

Below are some photos from the training.

july 12 chainsaw safety training 2
july 12 chainsaw safety training 3
july 12 chainsaw safety training 5